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Only 15$ Video Ads Cracked by Justin Sardi

Video Ads Cracked by Justin Sardi

What you’ll get from this “Video Ads Cracked by Justin Sardi” :


  • 7 Modules of Coaching and Training in Video Ads Cracked $3997
  • Access to the Video Ads Cracked Coaching Community $2997
  • 2 Coaching Calls Per Month $1997
  • Landing Page Templates $497
  • 6 Months of TubeSift Access $402
  • Banner Design Studio $197
  • Video Creation Masterclass $297
  • Affiliate Marketing Masterclass $497

Video Ads Cracked the Ultimate Video Ads Coaching & Training Course

This training course will show you step by step how to find an offer, craft a video ad, get the traffic flowing, start profiting from that traffic, and ultimately how to scale those profits. Growing your business will become a straightforward mathematical system by the time you complete this academy. The course includes the following modules:

Types of Ads

  •  Video Creation
  • Conversions and Retargeting
  • Targeting Options
  •  Video Ad Setup
  •  Tracking and Reporting
  •  In Video Overlay

When you are done going through this training course, you will be a YouTube Ads Expert and can easily create campaigns to grow your business or sell this as a service to other businesses!

Use TubeSift To Laser Target Your Prospects For Maximum ROI

And Save You Hours Of Time While Setting Up Your Video Ad Campaigns

Uncover Monetized YouTube Videos

Not all videos on YouTube allow you to place ads in front of or alongside them. TubeSift allows you to easily find highly relevant videos that actually allow you to place an ad on!

YouTube Auto-Suggest Keyword Tool

With YouTube being the second largest search engine out there, targeting by keyword is a great way to reach your audience. Use the integrated auto-suggest keyword tool to discover the exact keywords your audience is searching for!

Powerful Search Options and Settings

An array of advanced search settings allows you to further refine your search by search priority, video duration, video publish date, etc. You can even choose to show both monetized and non-monetized videos for competition research.

Cloud-Based and Mobile Responsive

Access TubeSift from any computer, tablet, or mobile device. Because TubeSift is cloud-based, there is no setup or program to install on your machine!

Save Your Placement Lists

Conveniently save your monetized video placements into easy-to-use lists. Save up to 500 individual placements per list which can be copied and pasted, or used in the campaign builder.

Channel and Related Video Search

Dial your targeting in by searching entire YouTube Channels related to your keywords. In addition to the Channel Search, you can also pull all the Related Videos for any YouTube Video!

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