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Only 7$ SocialBee – SocialBee University

SocialBee – SocialBee University

Welcome to “SocialBee – SocialBee University”

What you get from this “SocialBee – SocialBee University”:

Module 1

Buyer Persona

  • Buyer Persona: what it is, how to create it, how to use it
  • The difference between Target Audience and Buyer Persona
  • How to discover pain points, wants and needs
  • Mistakes when creating your Buyer Persona
  • The importance of Buyer Personas for Social Media
  • Examples of Buyer Personas

Module 2

Copywriting for Social Media

  • Social Media Copywriting Tips
  • How to get to know your customers
  • How to create effective marketing copy that sells
  • Product features and benefits
  • Copywriting Formulas
  • Humor and Competitive Copywriting
  • How to master CTAs

Module 3

Intro to Ads

  • Introduction to Social Media Advertising
  • How to maximize your potential with paid advertising
  • The importance of Data analysis
  • How to use paid Ads to your advantage

Module 4

Content Types/Ideas

  • How to come up with different types of content and create a good content strategy
  • How to create your content strategy, when you don’t have inspiration or ideas
  • Why a content strategy is a must

Module 5

Branding on Social Media

  • What is “On Brand”?
  • Social Media Branding Strategies
  • Establish social media branding guidelines for your business
  • Building Brand Identity & Trust through Social Media

Module 6

SocialBee Intro

  • How to create a consistent posting schedule
  • Balanced content categories
  • Best practices for posting on Social Media
  • How to do all these in the SocialBee Platform
  • How to repurpose your content, save time, and win readers

Module 7

Social Media Toolkit

  • Create and collaborate on visuals with Xara
  • Learn to automate everything with Zapier
  • How to use URL shorteners to track and convert
  • Other essential tools you need in your toolkit
  • Additional special offers on some of these tools

Module 8

Intro to Freelancing

  • How to become a successful freelancer
  • How to decrease risks & be successful as a freelancer
  • What nobody told you about freelancing
  • Blue oceans and what should you do about Free Work
  • Best strategies to help you jump into the startup world

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